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Illaenus has moderate or large size, smooth or linear exoskeleton. Cephalon is rounded, strongly convex, with steep frontal part, rounded or sharpened or sometimes spinulosous genal angles. Thorax has 9 to 10 segments, thorax axe is wider than pleurae which have blunted edges. Pygidium is rounded and sub-equal to cephalon in shape and size. Over 20 species are known in St.Petersburg region.

Illaenus atavus (0)
Illaenus dalmani (0)
Illaenus excellens (0)
Illaenus intermedius (0)
Illaenus incisus (0)
Illaenus oblongatus (0)
Illaenus oculosus (0)
Illaenus platillaenus (0)
Illaenus plautini (0)
Illaenus sarsi (0)
Illaenus sinuatus (0)
Illaenus sphaericus (0)
Illaenus tauricornis (0)
Illaenus wahlenbergi (0)
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