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Historically, most of the Asaphids have been found and described in Northern Europe, but the exceptional preservation of the russian specimens lead many collectors to renew their former specimens. Six genera are known in St.Petersburg area, namely  Asaphus, Onchometopus, Proasaphus, Subasaphus, Delphasaphus and Xenasaphus. Asaphids can be collected in North-West of Russia (Middle and upper part of the Azery horizon), in the neighbourhood of St Petersburg, in Estonia and in Germany.

Asaphus acuminatus (0)
Asaphus bottnicus (0)
Asaphus delphinus (0)
Asaphus holmi (0)
Asaphus intermedius (0)
Asaphus kotlukovi (0)
Asaphus kowalewskii (0)
Asaphus laevissimus (0)
Asaphus lepidurus (0)
Asaphus ornatus (0)
Asaphus platyurus (0)
Asaphus plautini (0)
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